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Black Friday 2023: 7 Trends That Shaped Cyber Weekend

Black Friday 2023 Delta
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In 2023, Black Friday and Cyber Monday continued to make a big contribution to retail and showed us significant shifts in consumer behaviour and sales. From the increase in eCommerce and mobile transactions to the growing importance of brands prioritising ethics and sustainability, these trends gave us a complete overview of how things are evolving.

As online platforms increasingly dominate shopping, traditional retail methods are being replaced by digital-first approaches, making it easy for some retailers to be left behind as the market evolves. However, this year’s data gives us valuable insights into these trends to help businesses understand these trends to align their business operations with today’s shoppers’ expectations and ensure they stay relevant in such a competitive market.

Our Findings

Here are some of the important insights we found from Black Friday 2023:

  • There was a significant rise in e-commerce and mobile-driven sales.
  • Customers took advantage of flexible payment options, with  “Buy Now, Pay Later” options proving popular.
  • Shopify recorded record sales over Cyber weekend.
  • There was an increase in customers who said a business’s ethical and sustainable values influenced their buying decisions.
  • Brands that started their Black Friday sales in October caught early shopper interest and smoothed out quarterly sales volumes.

1. Online Shopping

In 2023, Adobe Analytics reported sales reached 1.04 billion pounds on Black Friday alone, followed by another 2.41 billion over the rest of Cyber weekend. This shift to online shopping is evident by over half of all Black Friday transactions being done online.

Year after year, more consumers shop from the comfort of their homes, particularly during Cyber Weekend. However, the trend towards online shopping is about more than just avoiding crowds. The cost of living crisis has also played an important role, as budget-conscious consumers seek out the best deals, which are often more easily found online.

Because of this growth, businesses are starting to focus more on their online presence, investing in things such as advanced CRM systems and integrating AI to offer their customers more effortless, personalised shopping experiences.

2. Mobile Shopping

The preference for consumers to shop on their mobile is more apparent each year, with 51.8% of all online sales in Cyber Week 2023 made through smartphones. Mobile shopping’s growth is no surprise due to advancements in technology, making smartphones more efficient and easier to use for shopping, and a shift in consumer habits where they prioritise convenience, easy use and speed.

This trend shows how important it is for businesses to focus on mobile-first strategies like apps and optimised websites that offer exclusive deals for mobile users to drive up sales through these devices.

3. Flexible Payment Options

    With the financial pressures of the holiday season, there was a marked increase in the adoption of financing options like ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ (BNPL) during Cyber Weekend. Adobe Analytics reported that these flexible options drove $940 million in online spending on Cyber Monday alone, a 42.5% increase from 2022.

    The popularity of BNPL options is part of a larger trend towards flexible financial solutions that allow consumers to manage their spending without being unable to have purchasing power at all, especially during challenging economic times. Flexible payment options also particularly benefit younger consumers who may have a poor credit history but are looking for ways to budget their spending over time.

    4. Shopify’s Record-Breaking Sales

      For Black Friday 2023, Shopify merchants benefited from a significant rise in sales, hitting $9.3 billion over the Cyber weekend, up 24% from the previous year. These record-breaking figures with top-selling countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany, can be linked to Shopify’s powerful eCommerce solutions that support a wide range of merchants, from small startups to large businesses. 
      As one of the best eCommerce platforms in 2024, Shopify’s ease of use, extensive support, and integration capabilities enable merchants to maximise their sales potential during major shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday stress-free.

      5. Ethical Shopping & Sustainability

        More consumers are choosing to shop ethically, with many seeking ethically sourced and produced products. Shopify’s initiative to offset carbon emissions during Cyber Weekend shows the growing importance of eco-friendly business practices, like sustainable order fulfilment and ethical sourcing. 

        This shift towards sustainability is not just a moral choice but also a very strategic one for businesses, as consumers have higher brand loyalty to those committed to environmental value, and it can be a deciding factor in their purchasing decisions.

        6. Earlier Sales

        In recent years, retailers have adopted a strategic approach to Black Friday and Cyber Monday by launching sales well before the traditional holiday shopping season. We found that from October to the end of November, the top countries searching for black Friday deals were the US, South Africa, the UK, Canada and Ireland.

        This tactic is designed to capture consumer interest and distribute sales volume more evenly over time rather than concentrating it at a single weekend. By initiating promotions early, businesses can better manage their inventories and spread out demand, which helps with more efficient planning and resource allocation.

        7. Top-Selling Products During Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

        During Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2023, electronics and tech products like Apple AirPods, iPads, Amazon devices, PlayStation consoles, and Samsung electronics were reported as top sellers. Google Trends showed that some of the most popular related queries to black friday deals in the UK from October to November 2023 were:

        Many people wait all year for these sales events to purchase expensive products with big discounts, seeing them as one-off investments or special Christmas gifts. This consumer buying pattern shows the value these sales events offer, allowing consumers to save on otherwise expensive items.

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