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Direct to Retail

direct to retail

Direct to Retail, often abbreviated as D2R, refers to the business model where manufacturers or producers sell their products directly to retail stores, bypassing any intermediaries such as wholesalers or distributors.


The Direct to Retail (D2R) process can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. The manufacturer produces the goods.
  2. Once the goods are ready, the manufacturer sells them directly to the retail stores, bypassing any wholesalers or distributors.
  3. The retail stores are then responsible for selling the goods to the end consumer.
  4. The specific process can vary based on the manufacturer and retailer arrangements:
    • Some manufacturers might take care of delivering goods to the retail stores.
    • Others might require the retailers to pick up the goods from their premises.
  5. The terms of payment can also differ:
    • Some manufacturers may require upfront payment.
    • Others might offer credit terms.

The main aspect of the D2R process is the direct relationship between the manufacturer and the retailer, leading to greater communication and collaboration.


  • Potential for higher profit margins by eliminating middlemen.
  • Greater control over brand and product presentation.


  • Need for a larger logistics and sales team, which could increase operational costs.
  • Potential resistance from retailers who prefer to work with wholesalers or distributors, which might require offering incentives.

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