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Distribution Center

distribution center

A Distribution Centre, often abbreviated as DC, is a dedicated space where goods are received from suppliers, stored temporarily, and then dispatched to the final customers or retail outlets.

The primary purpose of a distribution centre is to bridge the gap between producers and consumers. It serves as a central hub where products from various manufacturers come together before they’re shipped out to different destinations.

A distribution centre is responsible for order processing, warehousing, and transportation scheduling. It’s designed to operate efficiently to ensure that the right goods reach the right place at the right time.

Components of a Distribution Centre


This is where goods are stored until they’re ready to be shipped. Warehouses in a distribution centre are often organised in a specific way for easy access and efficient handling of goods.

Inventory Management

Inventory management involves tracking and controlling the stock within the distribution centre and activities such as forecasting, replenishment, stockkeeping, and auditing.

Order Processing

This includes receiving orders from customers or retail outlets, picking the ordered goods from the warehouse, packing them for shipment, and finally dispatching the order.


Distribution centres often have a dedicated fleet for the transportation of goods. They schedule and manage the delivery of goods to various locations.

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