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Line Haul

line haul

Line Haul refers to the movement of goods or freight from one place to another, typically over long distances. It does not include additional services such as loading or unloading, known as ‘accessorials’ in the logistics industry.

Line Haul Process

Line Haul is a significant aspect of the supply chain as it ensures the safe and timely delivery of goods, it maintains the efficiency of logistics operations:

  1. The Line Haul process begins with the collection of goods from the warehouse or distribution centre.
  2. The goods are then loaded onto a truck, train, or other mode of long-distance transportation.
  3. They are transported to the destination, which could be another warehouse, distribution centre, or directly to the customer.

Factors Affecting Line Haul

Several factors can affect the Line Haul process:

  • Quantity of goods
  • Transportation mode
  • Distance
  • Geographical factors like terrain and weather conditions

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