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Order Shipment

Two people packing a van with products as part of Order Shipment

Order Shipment refers to the process of sending out goods or products to a customer after an order has been placed and processed. This term is pivotal in the management of supply chains and e-commerce operations, marking the transition from sales order processing to the physical movement of goods towards the customer.

Process Overview

Order Confirmation

Once a customer places an order, the first step in the shipment process is confirming the order. This involves checking the availability of items, processing payment, and formally acknowledging the order with the customer through an email or a notification on the platform used.

Picking and Packing

The physical handling of goods begins with picking the correct items from inventory. Workers retrieve the ordered products from their respective storage locations. After picking, items are packed securely to prevent damage during transit. The packaging process often considers factors like the product’s weight, size, and fragility.

Labelling and Documentation

Each package receives a label that includes crucial shipping information, such as the recipient’s address, tracking number, and any special handling instructions. Necessary documentation, like invoices, customs paperwork (for international shipments), and return instructions, are also prepared during this stage.


Once labelled and documented, packages are moved to a loading area to await dispatch. Dispatch involves transferring the packaged goods to the chosen logistics service provider, which could be a postal service, courier, or freight carrier, depending on the size and urgency of the shipment.

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