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Your Guide to Automated Fulfilment In E-commerce

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E-commerce has evolved rapidly, and with it, businesses need an efficient fulfilment process, which is why automated fulfilment has played a significant role in the recent success of e-commerce businesses. At Delta Fulfilment, we want to help you understand how the evolution of automation can increase your business’s success so you can take advantage of it! 

What is Order Fulfilment?

Order fulfilment is the process that starts when a customer places an order and ends when they receive their package. It includes everything from storing inventory, picking the right items, packing them securely, and shipping them out. 

Automated fulfilment helps to streamline this process, making it less time-intensive for you and your team, more efficient and easier to scale as your business grows.  

What is Automated Order Fulfilment?

Automated order fulfilment uses technology in the e-commerce order fulfilment process to handle everything from business orders to potential returns. These advanced technology systems integrate software and machinery to help manage inventory, process orders, and oversee product picking, packing, and shipping. 

These automations can make real-time decisions, adapting to varying order volumes and challenges, making them highly efficient at allocating resources, ensuring deliveries arrive with customers on time and minimising errors during the order fulfilment process.

Benefits of Automated Fulfilment In E-commerce

Automated fulfilment offers several significant benefits for e-commerce businesses that enhance their capabilities in the supply chain process, such as:


Automated systems can easily handle high volumes of orders, meaning businesses can grow stress-free without worrying about the potential logistical challenges of increased order volumes. These systems significantly benefit businesses during seasonal periods and the order demand they bring, ensuring the best customer experience all year round.


Automated fulfilment processes reduce the risk of human errors, leading to accurate order fulfilment, which is essential for building customer trust and loyalty.

Cost Efficiency 

Streamlining the e-commerce order fulfilment process with automated systems reduces the need for extensive manual labour, lowering operational costs that can be reinvested into the business instead to fund growth and improve other aspects of its operations.

Data Management

Automation allows businesses to generate valuable data on their customer’s orders and preferences, which can be used for effective inventory management, sales and marketing strategies and predicting sales for future months.

How to Use Automated Fulfilment for Your Ecommerce Business

Now that you’re sold on the benefits of automated fulfilment for your e-commerce business let’s look at how you can implement automation into your order fulfilment process.

Optimised Warehousing

Automating your inventory management ensures stock levels are accurately monitored, preventing overstocking or having too little stock. This helps to make the best use of your warehouse storage, speed up order processing and reduce operational costs.

Warehouse management systems play an essential role in optimised warehousing by integrating with your business’s e-commerce platform, ensuring inventory control, efficient order picking, quick stock replenishment and returns management using the policies provided by your business. At Delta Fulfilment, all our clients benefit from our warehouse system’s integrations when they partner with us.

Alongside warehouse management systems, advanced inventory management systems can help to predict the demand for your goods and help to improve stock control. . 

Order Processing

For order processing, real-time automation brings a high level of precision and speed, allowing you to process orders as they come in and eliminate any delays that may take place during manual processing. This ensures customers’ demands are handled promptly, reducing the time from order placement to dispatch. 

Barcode Scanning Technology systems are used to identify and track your stock without needing to manually count and note each item. They can be used when picking and packing orders, during stock audits, or re-ordering stock to reduce errors, improve efficiency and support warehouse management systems in providing real-time inventory updates.

Precise Picking & Packing

Automation in the picking and packing process increases efficiency and accuracy compared to the manual process. Robotics and automated sorting systems ensure that the correct items are selected and packaged and can operate faster than humans so orders can be dispatched promptly.

Warehouse robotic systems are designed to move products within a warehouse swiftly and safely, accurately picking and packing them. Robots can work around the clock, preparing more customer orders and ensuring timely deliveries to speed up order fulfilment.

Speedy Shipping

Automated systems can seamlessly integrate with various courier services, selecting the most efficient and cost-effective shipping and tracking options that provide real-time updates on the status of shipments to give businesses and customers peace of mind. Most importantly, this integration and tracking capability ensures that the order shipping is handled efficiently, reducing potential delays from orders arriving directly at your customer’s doors.

Depending on your e-commerce platform, you can use various tools to access multiple couriers, such as ShipStation for Shopify.

Stress-free Returns Management

When it comes to returns management, automated systems bring much-needed efficiency and customer satisfaction by handling returns, allowing for quick and accurate processing. Computerised systems can manage and enforce return policies consistently and update live stock levels to enable businesses to quickly restock and resell returned items, reducing the cost losses associated with returns.

Barcode scanning systems work great for automating your returns management, as well as integrating with a warehouse management system to keep inventory up to date across multiple channels. 

Scale Your E-commerce Business with Delta Fulfilment

At Delta Fulfilments, our approach to automated order fulfilment offers benefits that can enhance the success of your e-commerce business. Whether it’s our advanced systems designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing operations or our expert inventory management, efficient processing systems and precise picking and packing procedures, we take away the stress of managing the entire process from start to finish.

Contact our expert team so you can learn more about how we can make your business’s automated e-commerce fulfilment process a massive success. 

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