Ecommerce Fulfilment Services

eCommerce Fulfilment Services (EFS)

ecommerce fulfilment services

eCommerce Fulfilment Services (EFS) are services that help online businesses manage and send out orders to customers. EFS takes care of storing products, packing orders, and shipping them out. This means online shops can focus more on selling and less on the logistics of getting orders to customers.

How Does Fulfilment Work?

  1. Storage: Products are stored in the EFS provider’s warehouse.
  2. Order Processing: When a customer places an order, the EFS system gets to work.
  3. Packing: The product is picked from the shelf, packed securely, and made ready for shipping.
  4. Shipping: The order is handed over to a courier or postal service for delivery to the customer.
  5. Returns: If a customer sends something back, EFS can handle the return process.

Why Use eCommerce Fulfilment Services?

Save Time

EFS saves eCommerce businesses a lot of time. Instead of worrying about packing and posting each order, retailers can leave this to fulfilment services.

Space Savings

Online retailers don’t need their own big warehouses. EFS providers have the space to store products, which is great for growing businesses.

Fast Shipping

EFS can often send out orders quickly. They have the setup to quickly pack and ship orders, meaning customers get their purchases faster.

Less Hassle

Dealing with returns and exchanges can be a lot of work. EFS can handle this, too, making life easier for online stores.

More Fulfilment Terms

Cart abandonment rate represents the percentage of online shoppers who add items to their cart but leave the website before completing the purchase.
Reverse logistics refers to the process of managing the return of goods from the point of consumption back to the point of origin or proper disposal. It encompasses activities such as product returns, recalls, repairs, refurbishment, recycling, and disposal.

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