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Pick and Pack

pick and pack

Pick and pack involves selecting (picking) the ordered items from their storage locations within a warehouse and then packing them into shipping containers or packages, ready for dispatch to the customer. This is a core process in warehouse management and order fulfilment and is logistically important for eCommerce businesses.

The Pick and Pack Process


This is the first step, where workers or automated systems retrieve the items listed on an order from their specific locations in the warehouse.


Once the items are picked, they are carefully packed into boxes or envelopes, along with necessary protective packaging and documentation like invoices or packing slips, before being sealed and labelled for shipping.

Methods of Picking

There are several methods used in warehouses to optimise the picking process, including:

  • Piece Picking: Workers pick items for individual orders one at a time. This method is straightforward but can be time-consuming for large volumes of orders.
  • Batch Picking: Workers pick items for multiple orders in a single round, reducing the time spent travelling between locations.
  • Zone Picking: The warehouse is divided into zones, and workers are assigned to pick items within a specific zone, often used in conjunction with batch picking for efficiency.

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