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Shopping Cart

In e-commerce, a shopping cart is a virtual tool that allows customers to select, store, and manage products they wish to purchase. This tool mimics the function of a physical shopping cart used in retail stores.

The primary purpose of a shopping cart is to facilitate the online shopping experience by enabling users to gather multiple items in one place before proceeding to checkout. It allows customers to review their selected items, adjust quantities, remove items, and see the total cost, including shipping and taxes.

Common Shopping Cart Features

  • Add to Cart: This feature allows users to select products they wish to purchase by adding them to their virtual cart.
  • View Cart: Users can view the items in their cart at any time, providing an overview of their selected products.
  • Update Cart: Users can change the quantity of items or remove them entirely from the cart.
  • Save for Later: Some shopping carts offer a feature to save items for future purchase without adding them to the current transaction.
  • Estimate Shipping and Tax: This feature gives an approximate total cost by calculating shipping charges and taxes.
  • Apply Coupons or Discount Codes: Users can enter promotional codes to receive discounts on their purchases.
  • Proceed to Checkout: Once the user is ready to make a purchase, they can proceed to the checkout process from the shopping cart.

More Fulfilment Terms

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